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Edge bonding system for wet stripping processes

Rotary veneer edge bonding system: complete and process-safe

Complete NF veneer bonding system, consisting of gummed sealing tape, dispensers with a reel cartridge, and a moistening unit for integration in the automated wet stripping (rotary veneer) processes in the wood processing industry. Prevents the lateral tearing and fraying of the real layers of wood (green veneer) which are stripped from the wet tree trunk during the drying process. Optimum use of materials, reduced quantity of reject materials and the slowing of the dehumidification of the veneer edges during drying.

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The process-integrated NF bonding system from Schümann prevents the lateral tearing of sensitive lengths of veneer when they are stripped from the wet trunk.

The NF veneer bonding system from Schümann has been developed especially for the wet stripping (rotary veneer) processes in the wood processing industry. It prevents the lateral tearing and fraying of the green veneer which is stripped from the wet trunk for the production of the veneer. The adhesive tapes in the NF system consist of an extremely tough form of Kraft paper coated with water-activated glue, and are applied to the lateral edges of the still wet veneer. While the glue forms a firm bond with the still wet wood, during the drying-based shrinking, the Kraft paper slots optimally into the structure of the wood.
In this way, the NF adhesive tapes provide an immediately effective and flawless form of edge protection for the sections of veneer gained during the wet stripping process. Once applied, they prevent both lateral tearing when the lengths of veneer dry, as well as hairline cracks which occur due to mechanical stress. This ensures the optimum use of materials and reduces the reject rate. Additional material-conserving effect: the NF adhesive tapes from Schümann also delay the dehumidification during the drying process.

Straightforward system integration

The NF bonding system from Schümann consists of several components and can be incorporated in automated stripping processes without any problem. The adhesive tapes are fed in from two dispensers which are positioned laterally above the stripped length of veneer, with a reel cartridge and moistening unit for the water-activated adhesive coating. Attached to a support profile, both dispensers can be seamlessly adjusted to any width of veneer length required. In this respect, the exact lateral edge guiding of the dispensers enables a millimetre-precise application of the adhesive tapes.

As a process-integrated system solution, the NF adhesive system does not require any additional operation. The tapes, which are fed immediately after the stripping, are applied to the top surfaces of the left-hand and right-hand edges of the lengths of veneer, running together with the wound material. As long as the winding takes place with the required precision, the stripping machine can operate at maximum speed. When setting up the machines and during the stripping, the use of both dispensers can be omitted.

The adhesive tapes for the NF bonding system from Schümann are available in a variety of versions. For the processing of wood with a humidity content of up to 60 percent, we recommend you our NF 200 adhesive tape. For higher humidity concentrations, we offer you our NF 170 tape. In terms of widths, you can choose between 12, 15 and 20 millimetres. The NF tapes are all supplied on reels in lengths of 500 metres.

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