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Packaging tapes for plastic bags

Bag sealing tapes:
for plastic bags made from PP, OPP, PE and HDPE

Double-sided adhesive bag closing tapes, bag sealing tapes and bag security tapes for the secure, rapid and functional closure of plastic bags made from PP, OPP, PE and HDPE. Optimised for easy bag handling and efficient packaging processes. Available as reversible and permanently plastic tapes – also with anti-static characteristics, ergonomic easy peel coatings and special security features. Designed for fully automatic application.

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Packaging tapes for plastic bags

Double-sided bag sealing tapes from Schümann for the rapid closing and opening of plastic bags made from PP, OPP, PE and HDPE

For the secure, rapid and functional closing of plastic bags made from PP, OPP, PE and HDPE, we can offer you a wide variety of bag closing tapes, bag sealing tapes and bag security tapes. With these double-sided adhesive tapes from Schümann, plastic bags, bags used in deliveries and security bags obtain a closure which allows for the straightforward handling of the bags and supports efficient packaging processes. In our current BCT range, you will find reversible bag packaging tapes as well as permanently bonding film tapes. We recommend reversible bag packaging tape for uses in which the plastic bag is opened and closed again several times. Permanently bonding foil tapes, by contrast, are suitable for all forms of bagged packaging in which destructive opening is required – mailing bags for sending documents, for example. Multifunctional bag closing tapes with specialist anti-static attributes, with special easy peel coatings and security functions are also available.

Rapid opening and closing of bags

The high quality and functionality of the Schümann bag closing tapes which are applied in highly automated application processes are decisive requirements for the productive use of plastic bags made from polyethylene (PE) as well as hard polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) and oriented polypropylene (OPP) in manual packaging processes. Owing to their special product attributes, our packaging tapes support the problem-free opening of the plastic bags for the insertion of the goods as well as their straightforward, secure, ready-for-delivery closure. In this context, a key factor is the innovative design of the easy open tabs on the bag packaging tapes from Schümann, which allows for the rapid removal of the liner: the slightly projecting protective cover enables the quick and easy removal of the liner. It is because of this attribute that our bag closing tapes are frequently called “finger lift tapes”.

Rapid and automatic application

The bag sealing tapes from Schümann are designed for fully automatic application with the latest bag machines. They are supplied in the form of ready-to-use, cross-wound reels, they can be inserted directly in the machines, and they allow for high production speeds. All the BCT/BST from Schümann also have high quality adhesive coatings on a polyester base which are optimally configured for use with plastic bags made from technical synthetics such as PP, OPP, PE and HDPE. These adhesive coatings are applied as a homogeneous adhesive film. Furthermore, all of the bag packaging tapes from Schümann can be thermally cut and/or separated or mechanically perforated with conventional welding bars and heated cutting tools.

Reversible bag closures with and without anti-static effect

With 14 different versions, bag packaging tapes with reversible or multi-removable adhesive coating account for the majority of the products in the BCT/BST range offered by Schümann. Depending on the version, they feature liners from HDPE or OPP with and without easy peel coating. The range also includes HDPE liners with or without a normal anti-static effect, as well as OPP liners with and without a very high anti-static effect. While the ergonomic easy peel coating allows for the rapid and straightforward removal of the cover and protective tapes (the liner), due to its innovative haptic surface, the anti-static attributes of the tapes prevent the liners which are removed from having an unwanted adhesive effect or from hampering manual packaging work by clinging to fingers or clothing. Both attributes - the anti-static effects and the easy peel coating - therefore make an important contribution to improved ergonomics and the optimisation of processes. They simplify the handling of the bags and accelerate the manual packaging work. We supply all of our anti-static tapes in widths of 15 millimetres on cross-reels with lengths of 8,000 metres which can be integrated directly in the bag production system.

A variety of other features offered by the BCT liner offer further possibilities for optimisation. The HDPE liner, for example, is available in versions that include white-translucent, red-translucent as well as with anti-static print or red lines. The same applies to the OPP liner, although in this case, it is the versions with visually appealing metallic silver coating that are worthy of mention.

The especially innovative Schümann BCT solutions with reversible adhesive for multiple use bag seals include the anti-static BCT 4390 no-static and BCT 4021EP anti-static (easy peel) tapes. The BCT 4390 no-static packaging tape has a liner with a very strong, almost 100 percent anti-static effect, while the translucent BCT 4021EP anti-static has a cover tape with a normal anti-static effect and also incorporates the lettering “Anti-Stat” throughout. A special visual highlight of the BCT 4309 no-static tape from Schümann is the aforementioned protective cover with its metallic surface. This silver strip on the top edge of the bag is UV resistant and does not fade away.

Bag packaging tapes with a reversible adhesive coating find use, among others, in the packaging of textiles, publications, documents and a wide range of other flat objects and small items. The anti-static versions of the tapes have proven particularly valuable in the area of electrical engineering and electronics.

Permanent bag seals with security effect

For cases of use which require high levels of security against tampering and unauthorised opening as well as resistance, Schümann offers a wide range of permanently bonding bag packaging tapes. In particular, these include the BCT 4540 FLC (flat liner central) version, which features an extremely strong, irreversible adhesive. This bag tape is considered the optimum closing solution for bag packages which have valuable and sensitive contents, such as confidential documents or high quality technical components which require protection against tampering and unauthorised opening.
After they have been closed with the BCT 4540 FLC, the non-destructive opening of the bags is impossible. This gives the packaging a high degree of protection against tampering and unauthorised opening. It also prevents the bag from being opened by accident, which can be the case with packaging tape of lower quality or with a poor bonding performance. Due to its security attributes, we recommend this security sealing tape for the packaging of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals products, food products as well as confidential banking information and insurance documents, for example.

The permanently bonding BCT from Schümann have white cover tapes (liner) without print which all share one useful thing in common: they are made from OPP. This means that they are slightly thicker than liner made from HDPE and also have a marginally higher specific weight. They therefore fall onto the floor rapidly immediately after their removal – and without a special anti-static coating – and the static forces are not able to become an annoyance by getting stuck on the hands or the clothes of the personnel.

For advanced anti-static requirements – for packaging micro-electronic components, for example– Schümann offers the permanently adhesive BCT 4590 FLC with a zero static liner which has exceptional anti-static characteristics. It is also visually identifiable in silver-metallic on its surface.

Packaging tape for cardboard, bags and sacks

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