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Gummed tape:
dust-tight and tamper proof

Gummed tape according to DIN 55475 made from tear-resistant Kraft paper and with water-activated vegetable glue coating for the dust-tight, tamper-proof and environmentally friendly closing of your cardboard packaging. Available in brown and white or with colour print and with or without reinforcement fibres. Available for all package weights and suitable for manual and fully automated processing.

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Green Line gummed tapes:
reinforced and environmentally friendly

Kraft paper, vegetable glue coating and tear-resistant reinforcement fibres from natural raw materials: the gummed tapes from the Green Line series are the ideal solution for all cardboard packaging with discerning requirements regarding environmental protection, sustainability and ecology. They are available in different versions with a double, triple or multiple filament layer for manual and mechanical application.

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Highly durable gummed tape:
yarn or fibre reinforced

Gummed tapes with double, triple and multiple reinforcement as well as lattice reinforcement for the dust-tight, stabilising and tamper-proof closure of middling weight and heavy weight cardboard packaging. Overlaid or laminated polymer threads or fibreglass inlay fulfil the most demanding requirements surrounding tear resistance, protection against theft and transport safety. Ideally suited to packages with valuable and sensitive contents and for international air freight transport.

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Anti-slip gummed tapes:
to prevent slipping and ensure safe stacking

Due to the non-slip coating on its exterior, anti-slip packaging tape offers increased safety and stability with the palletisation and stacking of cardboard packaging. During loading and transport operations, an effective solution for securing stacked packages which are subject to intralogistics processes with the use of forklift trucks. A contribution to product safety, value retention, quality assurance and occupational safety. Suitable for composite and tower stacking.

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Gummed tapes with tear-and-open strip:
safe and tool-free

Gummed tapes that feature an integrated tear-and-open strip enable the rapid opening of packages and cartons without the use of cutting tools, knives or scissors. Tear-and-open strips actively contribute to workplace safety in the areas of storage, incoming deliveries, order picking and shipments! Adhesive tapes with tear-and-open strips also prevent damage to contents caused by the use of sharp tools, and increase the efficiency of unpacking and repackaging work during sorting and distribution processes in distribution- and logistics centres.

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Gummed tapes with prints:
colourful and individual

logistics and ident-codes, brand and product information, company logos and advertising messages or warnings, security seals and guarantee symbols – in the print service from Schümann, all packaging tapes receive single and multicoloured prints according to your specifications. With customer and product-specific prints you can enhance your cardboard packaging with additional functions surrounding branding, product protection, corporate identity or process optimisation. This means that you can reduce the expenses associated with printing on the cardboard packaging itself!

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Sack sealing tapes:
for sacks made from paper, plastic and woven fabric

Adhesive tape with hot-melt coating for the sift-proof, dust-tight closure and sealing of the folding clasps of your paper sacks and bags and plastic bags. Usable on sacks and bags without a plastic inlay, sift-proof combination bags with a PE inner bag without a hermetically sealed joint, and combination bags made from multi-ply Kraft paper with dust-tight heat-sealed PE inner bags. Also suitable for the heat-sealing of woven bags made from polypropylene, plastic bags made from polyethylene and PET as well as bags made from composite materials.

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Bag sealing tapes:
for plastic bags made from PP, OPP, PE and HDPE

Double-sided adhesive bag closing tapes, bag sealing tapes and bag security tapes for the secure, rapid and functional closure of plastic bags made from PP, OPP, PE and HDPE. Optimised for easy bag handling and efficient packaging processes. Available as reversible and permanently plastic tapes – also with anti-static characteristics, ergonomic easy peel coatings and special security features. Designed for fully automatic application.

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Application technology:
Unwinding and dispensing systems for water activated tape

Equipment and systems for the manual and automatic moistening, rolling and cutting to length of unreinforced and reinforced cardboard packaging closing tape.

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Rotary veneer edge bonding system:
complete and process-safe

Complete NF veneer bonding system, consisting of gummed sealing tape, dispensers with a reel cartridge, and a moistening unit for integration in the automated wet stripping (rotary veneer) processes in the wood processing industry. Prevents the lateral tearing and fraying of the real layers of wood (green veneer) which are stripped from the wet tree trunk during the drying process. Optimum use of materials, reduced quantity of reject materials and the slowing of the dehumidification of the veneer edges during drying.

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Edge-closing paper:
pre-folded with hot-melt coating

Fully automatic production of modern rigid setup boxes with the innovative HT Redcore edge-closing paper from Schümann. Its standard pre-folding allows for the highly efficient bonding and stabilising of the edges of cartons and cardboard packaging. Designed for use in multi-stage and three dimensional folding and bonding processes.

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