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Gummed tapes with tear-and-open strip

Gummed tapes with tear-and-open strip:
safe and tool-free

Gummed tapes that feature an integrated tear-and-open strip enable the rapid opening of packages and cartons without the use of cutting tools, knives or scissors. Tear-and-open strips actively contribute to workplace safety in the areas of storage, incoming deliveries, order picking and shipments! Adhesive tapes with tear-and-open strips also prevent damage to contents caused by the use of sharp tools, and increase the efficiency of unpacking and repackaging work during sorting and distribution processes in distribution- and logistics centres.

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The gummed packaging tapes from Schümann with an integrated tear-and-open strip allow cardboard packaging to be opened in a matter of seconds without the use of tools

Whenever cardboard packaging doesn't just need to be closed so that it is dust-tight and tamper proof, but can also be opened again quickly and easily, we recommend our gummed packaging tapes with integrated tear-and-open strip. This is because the cartons and packages which are closed with these tapes can be opened by their recipient manually in a matter of seconds without having to use any tools. All you have to do is pull consistently on the tear-and-open strip on the packaging tape. In this way, cardboard packaging can be opened exceptionally easily by hand without using cutting tools, a knife or pair of scissors – without the risk of injury! Therefore, gummed tapes with integrated tear-and-open strips actively contribute to workplace safety in the areas of storage, incoming deliveries, order picking and shipments.

Opening and unpacking quickly and safely

Schümann gummed tapes with an integrated tear-and-open strip save a lot of time when opening and unpacking cardboard packaging made from corrugated- and solid cardboard. They therefore actively support the acceleration of unpacking or repackaging work and increase the efficiency of intra-logistical sorting and distribution processes in distribution- and logistics centres. This is because, as the tear-and-open strip in the inside of the adhesive tape means that no cutting tool is necessary to open the carton, an unintentional damaging of the contents is excluded. This serves the value retention of the products and reduces the reject rate.

Tear-and-open strips in corrugated form

We offer you our opening-friendly adhesive tapes for packaging with white and red tear-and-open strips. In this respect, the tear-and-open strips are generally incorporated in the gummed tapes in slightly corrugated form, so that even in the case of a packaging closing tape which isn't positioned in the centre, the easy and reliable opening of the cardboard packaging is always guaranteed. The surface of these gummed tapes can optionally be printed with red orientation arrows which show the recipient the ideal direction in which to pull on the tear-and-open strip.

Customised for automatic processing

The gummed tapes with tear-and-open strips from Schümann are available in both unreinforced and reinforced versions. And our gummed packaging tapes aren't just available in brown and white, they are also available in single and multicoloured versions, or with individual printing according to your requirements. The closing tapes are supplied on ready-to-use rolls which are available in a variety of lengths, which are customised for processing in fully automatic cardboard closing systems.

Closing product for cardboard, pouches and bags

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