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Anti-slip gummed tapes

Anti-slip gummed tapes:
to prevent slipping and ensure safe stacking

Due to the non-slip coating on its exterior, anti-slip packaging tape offers increased safety and stability with the palletisation and stacking of cardboard packaging. During loading and transport operations, an effective solution for securing stacked packages which are subject to intralogistics processes with the use of forklift trucks. A contribution to product safety, value retention, quality assurance and occupational safety. Suitable for composite and tower stacking.

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The non-slip surface of the anti-slip closing tapes from Schümann increases the transport safety during the palletisation and stacking of cardboard packaging

For cardboard packaging made from corrugated and solid cardboard which is stacked on pallets after its packaging and closure and transported on forklift trucks, we recommend the use of our closing tapes with an anti-slip surface. In addition to their function as dust-tight and tamper-proof cardboard closing tape, these non-slip packaging tapes also feature an anti-slip coating on their top side. Those who close their cardboard packaging with the anti-slip tapes from Schümann also equip them with a slip and fall prevention attribute. In many cases, this omits the expenses required for the use of additional anti-slip mats.

Safe stacking of cardboard packaging

Thanks to the anti-slip coating on their surface, in intra-logistics in particular, the anti-slip gummed tapes are a simple and effective solution for the secure loading and transport of stacked cardboard boxes which are processed with the use of forklift trucks, pallet trucks or hand-held forklifts. When using stretched, shrink-wrapped or secured stacked cardboard packages, the anti-slip packaging tapes from Schümann serve the purpose of an additional safety measure for the prevention of transport damage.

Effective slip prevention

The specific anti-slip coating on our gummed tapes stands out due to its particularly balanced formula, which allows for the problem-free manual or machine application of the closing tapes and also offers an effective anti-slip adhesive effect. If stacked cardboard packages are to be picked and moved around safely, there is almost no solution for the securing of pallets that is more efficient or practical than the anti-slip adhesive tapes from Schümann. The no-slip packaging tapes with anti-slip coating are suitable for both composite and tower stacking.

Double the security for packages

Stacks gain an especially high degree of static stability through cardboard packages which are closed on both their top and bottom with anti-slip gummed tapes. In this case, the closing tapes create a double anti-slip connection all the way from the top of the lower carton to the packaging tape on the base of the top carton. During transport operations within a warehouse by forklift truck or pallet truck, the anti-slip closing tapes from Schümann reduce the risk of the pallet and/or the stack of boxes from slipping or toppling over to a significant degree.

Safety against tampering and maintenance of value

With the anti-slip gummed tapes from Schümann, you secure and protect your packaged consignments in several different ways. On the one hand, with our adhesive tapes, cardboard packages and parcels from corrugated and solid cardboard gain a dust-tight and tamper-proof closure, as after it is activated with water, the coating on adhesive tapes creates an inseparable material composite with the cardboard packaging – making tampering to the packaging immediately visible, and means that the undetected opening the packaging and closing it again is impossible without destroying the surface of the packaging. On the other hand, the non-slip surface of the anti-slip coating also protects the cardboard and its contents against impact and damage during the picking and the transport – and therefore provides a valuable contribution to product safety, the maintenance of value and quality assurance.

We offer gummed tapes featuring an additional anti-slip surface in an unreinforced version as well as with thread and fibre reinforcement in almost every tape width and on reels with lengths of far in excess of 1,000 metres which are suitable for application in fully automatic cardboard packaging closing systems. Manual application with semi-automatic or manual tape dispensers is also possible. Like all of the packaging tapes from Schümann, the anti-slip closing tapes can also be printed on individually – with product information, warning information, ident-codes, company logos or advertising messages, for example.
Closing cardboard packaging, pouches and bags

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