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Environmentally-friendly cardboard packaging tape

Green Line gummed tapes:
reinforced and environmentally friendly

Kraft paper, vegetable glue coating and tear-resistant reinforcement fibres from natural raw materials: the gummed tapes from the Green Line series are the ideal solution for all cardboard packaging with discerning requirements regarding environmental protection, sustainability and ecology. They are available in different versions with a double, triple or multiple filament layer for manual and mechanical application.

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The reinforced Green Line gummed tapes from Schümann combine a high degree of safety against tampering and unauthorized opening with an exemplary eco-bilance.

The unreinforced closing tapes for packaging from Schümann are considered to be exemplary in terms of their environmental friendliness and sustainability. As they only consist of tear-resistant Kraft paper and water-activated glue which is based on potato starch. The tapes are an exceptionally environmentally-friendly closing product and can be disposed of and recycled together with the packaging with no need to separate the waste. To make the exemplary eco-balance offered by our unreinforced packaging tapes accessible to all users of reinforced gummed tapes – commonly referred to as reinforced tapes – we have developed our Green Line range of environmentally-friendly packaging tape products. Their special feature is the filament layer, which is made from natural raw materials.

Environmentally-friendly closing solution for heavy cardboard packaging

The reinforced gummed tapes from the Green Line series are the sustainable closing product for cardboard packaging for the manufacturing, retailing and packaging of products with demanding requirements regarding environmental protection and ecology. With these filament-reinforced packaging closing tapes, the manufacturers and suppliers of natural and organic products obtain a convincing and authentic packaging product for closing packaging made from corrugated or solid cardboard in the higher weight categories. With the Green Line packaging tapes from Schümann, not only is it possible to pack heavy packaging and cartons with natural cosmetics, organic food products and natural remedies on a stabilising, dust-tight and tamper proof basis, it is also possible to enhance every shipment and every carton with an exemplary eco balance.

Kraft paper, natural glue and a natural reinforcement

The reason for the considerable environmental friendliness of the Green Line gummed tapes from Schümann is their consistent ecological material composite. After all, not only do these reinforced closing tapes for cardboard packaging consist of tear-resistant Kraft paper which is mainly manufactured from wood which originates from sustainably managed forests in the EU, they also consist of a natural glue based on potato starch, the adhesive effect of which arises on contact with water. These Green Line packaging tapes also have a third ecological component, however: reinforcing filaments which are extracted from natural raw materials. In this respect, the lateral and curved filaments in the Green Line packaging tapes are equivalent to conventional reinforcement filaments – which are mostly made from polyester – in terms of their shredding and tearing resistance. The double, triple or even seven-times filament-reinforced Green Line tapes from Schümann, such as the Green MAX7 or the Green K2/KF2 packaging tape, are therefore ideal for closing large and heavy items of cardboard packaging. Thanks to their natural filament layer, cardboard packaging which is closed with reinforced Green Line gummed tape can be disposed of with the cardboard and sent straight for recycling without having to separate any of the materials.

Environmentally-friendly printing

The reinforced cardboard packaging tape from the Green Line series are available in several versions with different filament layers for different weights of packaging. The Green KF2 tape, for example, features two parallel filaments for lengthwise reinforcement, while the Green K2/KF2 tape also has two inverse curved filaments (sine wave filament) and the Green MAX7 tape features a lattice reinforcement with a sophisticated seven-layer filament. Like all gummed tape from Schümann, these environmentally-friendly packaging tapes can also be printed in one or several colours or according to your requirements. The exclusive use of water soluble ink further highlights the excellent eco balance of the Green Line cardboard packaging tape. The environmentally-friendly closing tapes from Schümann are supplied on ready-to-use rolls which are available in a variety of lengths and are immediately recognisable due to the green interior of their core. All the gummed tapes in the Green Line series can be applied manually, semi-automatically or using fully automatic closing equipment and packaging lines. The further selling points of our paper packaging tapes include their resistance to the heat and the cold.

Tamper-proof closing of cartons, bags pouches

Find out more about our unreinforced and reinforced gummed tapes, about our pouch closing tapes, our bag closing tapes with hot-melt adhesive coating and our security tapes. We will also be pleased to inform you about the topics of transport safety, printing and opening technology.


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