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Reinforced gummed tape

Highly durable gummed tape:
yarn or fibre reinforced

Gummed tapes with double, triple and multiple reinforcement as well as lattice reinforcement for the dust-tight, stabilising and tamper-proof closure of middling weight and heavy weight cardboard packaging. Overlaid or laminated polymer threads or fibreglass inlay fulfil the most demanding requirements surrounding tear resistance, protection against theft and transport safety. Ideally suited to packages with valuable and sensitive contents and for international air freight transport.

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Reinforced gummed tapes from Schümann convince as a tamper-proof and durable packaging tape solution for heavy cardboard packaging

For the dust-tight, stabilising and tamper-proof closing of heavy and very heavy cardboard packaging, Schümann offers you its range of gummed tapes with double, triple and multiple reinforcement, as well as lattice reinforcement. The range consists of packaging tape which features layers of filament which have been precisely overlaid on the gummed coating or layers of filament that are integrated between two layers of Kraft paper. These filament and fibre-reinforced packaging tapes aren't just available in the basic colours of brown and white, but in a variety of colours and with individual printing. Filament-reinforced packaging tape is also available in our Green Line group of products, which fulfil particularly demanding requirements in terms of sustainability, environmental friendliness and their ease of recycling.

Closing and stabilising heavy cartons

The weight of a package and the degree of closing security and safety against tampering and unauthorized opening are some of the most important factors when choosing the suitable gummed tape for cardboard packaging made from corrugated and solid cardboard. If you send packages and cartons for shipment with light and robust contents, all the unreinforced tapes in the product range offer a sufficient level of tear resistance, safety against tampering and unauthorized opening and stability. If you package cardboard boxes or cartons that are very heavy, however, which might also transport valuable or sensitive goods, our paper packaging tape with filament or fibre reinforcement are the ideal choice.

Kraft paper with polyester filament inlay

The filament-reinforced packaging tapes from Schümann feature polymer filaments which are integrated in the glue of the closing tape during a sophisticated production process either in parallel or in a corrugated configuration as a double, triple, multiple or lattice reinforcement. The plastic filaments provide the packaging tapes with a significantly higher degree or tear-resistance and mechanical strength. In this respect, one of the decisive factors is the geometry and precision of the filament layer which is applied. Having gathered several decades of experience in the specialist field of paper processing, in this area – and as one of only a few manufacturers of packaging tape to do so – we can realise a variety of different layer patterns with high precision. This includes, for example, sophisticated layers with two overlaid corrugated filaments (sine wave reinforcement) and two parallel filaments as is the case with the MAX/7 packaging tape or the K2/KF2 tape from Schümann. A gummed tape of this kind which is reinforced with such a multiple filament layer provides the package with a high degree of safety against tampering and unauthorized opening and enhanced stability. The filament-reinforced packaging tape can also be equipped with a tear-and-open strip for the faster opening of the cartons. Our most successful product in the area of fibre-reinforced packaging tape is the Schümann MAX7 tape with its seven-times filament layer.

Kraft paper sandwich with fibreglass reinforcement

The structure of the fibre reinforced gummed tapes from Schümann is more sophisticated than that of the fibre-reinforced closing tapes. That is because these tapes consist of two layers of Kraft paper and a laminated fibreglass layer. The layer geometry of these reinforced paper tapes can run diagonally or in parallel and are mostly configured in the form of a lattice structure or a crosswise structure. This results in an exceptionally durable packaging tape with a very high degree of tear resistance which is configured for the packaging of heavy and large packaging. With this fibre-reinforced gummed tapes, packages and cartons gain a closing and dust-tight closure which significantly increases its static resilience. If affixed in the T format or H format, the filament-reinforced Kraft paper tapes provide with robust edge protection to packaging made from corrugated and solid cardboard. Schümann offers this type of gummed tape in a variety of designs with the product name UNIKRAFT. In the world of international logistics, the fibre-reinforced UNIKRAFT gummed tapes are also referred to as reinforced tapes, crosswise-reinforced tapes or – because of their diamond shaped lattice inlay – diamond pattern tapes. They are a very popular packaging tape for parcel deliveries by e-commerce and CEP service providers.

Theft-proof closing of cardboard packaging

The high security standard of the reinforced gummed tapes from Schümann is based on the inseparable material composite which occurs when their adhesive coating is applied to the surface of the cardboard packaging immediately after it is dampened with water. In this way, both the UNIKRAFT tape, the K2/KF2 packaging tape and the MAX7 tapes offer cardboard packaging the maximum degree of protection against tampering and theft – as the tape is destroyed if opened, which is visible to everyone. The filament-reinforced and fibre-reinforced packaging tapes from Schümann are especially suitable for corrugated cardboard and solid cardboard packaging that are transported in international air freight.

Schümann manufactures its reinforced gummed packaging tape on the basis of DIN 55475 and supplies it in rolls with lengths of 100 to 1,000 metres. UNIKRAFT packaging tapes, MAX7 tapes and the type K2/KF2 packaging tapes can be applied in fully automatic packaging lines or closing equipment and also manually with easy-to-use rolling systems (dispensers). They also stand out due to their long term storage capacity – whether in hot or cold environments. At the request of the customer, the packaging tapes can be printed in one or several colours, with barcodes, product information, transport tips, company logos, advertisements or safety instructions.
Safety against tampering and unauthorized opening for cardboard packaging, pouches and bags
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